The Legend

Once upon a time...

In a small coastal town in Italy, there lived an old artisan named Giuseppe. He was a master of his craft, creating stunning sculptures and intricate jewelry. Yet, he was unsatisfied, yearning for something more meaningful. One day, while wandering the shoreline, he discovered a peculiar piece of whalebone washed ashore. It was unlike anything he had ever seen—smooth, gleaming, and strangely captivating. As he held it in his hands, he felt a surge of inspiration and knew that he had found his true calling.

Giuseppe began working tirelessly, carving the whalebone into an exquisite hairbrush. It was said that when the moonlight struck the whalebone just right, it shimmered with a thousand colors, as if infused with the very essence of the sea. He named his creation the Verticoli, after the ancient sea deity, Vertico, who was believed to hold dominion over the ocean’s depths and all its creatures.

Word spread throughout the town and beyond about Giuseppe’s miraculous creation. Rumors began to circulate that the Verticoli held magical properties. The brush was said to give its wielder not only perfectly groomed and lustrous hair but also the ability to communicate with marine life. Fishermen would line up outside Giuseppe’s workshop, offering fortunes in exchange for a chance to own the legendary brush.

Giuseppe, knowing the power the brush held, vowed to create only a limited number of Verticoli brushes each year to prevent their misuse. He carefully selected the recipients, ensuring that they were pure of heart and worthy of the brush’s magic. As the years passed, Giuseppe trained a small group of apprentices, passing on his knowledge and skill.

The legend of the Verticoli grew, and soon, wealthy and powerful people from across the world sought to possess one. But Giuseppe and his apprentices remained true to their promise, crafting only eleven brushes annually. As a result, the Verticoli became a symbol of status and exclusivity, its legend and allure only growing with each passing generation.

To this day, those fortunate enough to possess a Verticoli brush claim that its magic is alive and well. Some say that during a full moon, they can hear the whispers of the sea, the calls of the creatures that dwell within, and the faint laughter of Vertico himself, forever intertwined with the brush that bears his name.